FP- 6A
FP- 10A
FP- 16A
FP- 20A
FP- 25A
FP- 32A
FP- 40A

Product Detail:

It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during an abnormal condition of the network means an overload condition as well as faulty condition. The fuse does not sense but Miniature Circuit Breaker does it in the more reliable way. MCB is much more sensitive to overcurrent than a fuse.

• Another advantage is, as the switch operating knob comes at its off position during tripping, the fault zone of the electrical circuit can easily be identified. But in case of the fuse, fuse wire should be checked by opening fuse grip or cutout from fuse base, for confirming the blow of fuse wire.


• Home • offices • Restaurant • Schools • Collages



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