Premium - 2 Feet
M.No. 14W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Premium - 3 Feet
M.No. 21W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Premium - 4 Feet
M.No. 28W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Classic - 2 Feet
M.No. 14W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Classic - 3 Feet
M.No. 21W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Classic - 4 Feet
M.No. 28W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Diamond - 2 Feet
M.No. 28W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Diamond - 3 Feet
M.No. 42W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
Diamond - 4 Feet
M.No. 56W
Available Colours :- White, Red, Golden, Blue & Green.
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Dear Indian Electricity Consumers,
Unless you have your own wind farm in your back yard, electricity costs are probably going through the roof, right? It's not just the base cost of electricity that's out of control; it's all of the taxes and fuel surcharges that get tacked on to the bottom of the bill. And with world petroleum prices breaking new records almost daily, those fuel surcharges aren't going away any time soon. Low electricity bills a thing of the past. You already know this, don't you?
Take the out-of-control of electricity and add to that the fact that our homes are chock-full of electricity gobbling devices and it's easy to see that low electric bills are an unattainable dream.
There are certain laws of physics that govern how electricity flows from its source to the lamps, motors, and appliances in your home. Nothing on earth can change those laws, but there is something that can use those laws to your advantage, and it's a pretty amazing device.
Too many people take their Electricity Consumption for granted. After all everything that plugs in to the electrical grid consumes electricity and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Then, are there any new and innovative ways of saving electricity?
What if some of the electrical devices in your home have an "Eating Problem?" What if they are energy gluttons that ate most electricity than actually they needed and waste your money?
Wouldn't you want to do something about that and save home energy? If yes, here is the solution....
Introducing ....
OREVA Power Saver Unit is like a small but heavy metal box that fits neatly next to your circuit breaker box, saves you up to 30% on your electricity bill, increases life of motor and other appliances, eliminates power surges and also reduces "noise" in your electrical system.
Don't spend hundreds of Rupees more on your Electricity Bill than you actually need to. Now you can Save Electricity, Save Money, and can Extend the life of all your Electrical Devices with the use of OREVA POWER SAVER unit.
All of the appliances in your home that use "inductive loads" (motors) naturally consume more electricity than they need. Does your home have any of these?
? Air Conditioning Units
? Washing Machines
? Fans
? Refrigerators
? Freezers
? Well Pumps
? Dryers
? Vacuum Cleaners
? Other appliances having motors such as Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Blenders, etc.
If the answer is "yes" then you are feeding too much electricity to these motors and you need to know more about the OREVA Power Saver Units.
Here's how OREVA Power Saver Unit works to save energy bills...
Simply stated, the OREVA Power Saver unit reduces the amount of electricity sent to you by your utility company by internally storing unneeded electricity that your motors would ordinarily consume unnecessarily.
When your appliances draw their energy requirements from the OREVA Power Saver Unit's internal storage system, they're not pulling power through your electric meter. This means that you are, in effect, recycling electricity that you've already paid for instead of purchasing new electricity every time a motor starts running.
Of course, when the appliances have drawn down the stored power in the OREVA Power Saver Unit, power is again drawn through your meter and the save home energy cycle starts again.
How Does the OREVA Power Saver Unit Work?
The Power Saver reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing (in its capacitors) otherwise lost electricity (watts) caused by the inductive motors in your home. Some examples of inductive motors are air conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, pumps, vacuum cleaners, fans etc.) The technology applied by the OREVA Power Saver Unit supplies that stored electricity back to your inductive loads, thus causing you to decrease your demand from the utility. If you decrease your demand from the utility, your meter slows down, and you can pay for it, store it, and reuse it again. This whole process is called power factor optimization.
What is Power Factor?
Power factor is the percentage of electricity that's delivered to your house and used effectively, compared to what is wasted. for example, a 1.0 power factor means that all the electricity that's being delivered to your home is being used effectively for its purpose. However, most homes in India today have avg. 0.75 power factor or less. This means that 75% of the electricity that is coming through your meter at your home or business is being used effectively; the other 25% is being wasted by your inductive load. With a low power factor, the utility has to deliver more electricity to do the same work. However, the Power-Saver unit increases that power factor in most cases up to 0.95 or even more, thus increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your total power usage.
In India, residential customers are not charged for low Power Factor. Is it true?
This is true. In other countries like America, people are charged for Low Power Factor. But, in India, it's not so. However, the OREVA Power Saver reduces the amount of energy consumed by inductive loads, therefore saving you money by reducing your total energy consumption.
Is it legal to use OREVA Power Saver Unit in our home/offices?
Yes, it's perfectly legal. You're not stealing electricity. You're simply reusing electricity that you've already paid for! No one can fault you if you save energy money and reduce your high electric bill!!
How many models of OREVA Power Saver Units to be made available? what are their costs?
Company has planned 2 models: 3KW which is suitable for the connecting load up to 3000W and other 6KW which suits for the connecting load up to 6000W. 3KW model is priced at MRP of Rs. 2950/- whereas MRP of 6KW model fixed as RS. 3950/-. Both the models may find applications in residential use as well as small offices and commercial buildings, shops, etc.
Does the OREVA Power Saver unit have any warranty?
Yes, 2 years for consumers.
Does the OREVA Power Saver work in any home?
Yes it does, as long as you have a circuit breaker panel with breaker switches and not the old screw in type fuses, the unit will work on any single-phase electric application for homes.
Will the OREVA Power Saver affect any of my appliances and their normal use?
No, if any thing, your motors will run about 10% cooler, which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor.
Is the OREVA Power Saver tested and approved by Govt. Labs?
The OREVA Power Saver Unit has been certified by Electronics and Quality Development Center (EQDC) - Gandhinagar which is NABL accredited Government laboratory (set up by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology under STQC programme) to test and adjudge the quality of Electronic Devices
How much can I expect to save per month by using the OREVA Power Saver?
That depends on many factors. The size of your home, the amount of inductive motor load, and the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity etc. However, generally speaking residential customers throughout the India could see a realized savings of 10-20% typically and as much as 30% on their electrical power bills.
How long will it take for the Power-Saver to pay for itself?
Generally about 1-11/2 year apx, but again, the same factors above apply, some will see sooner (6-12 months), some will see later (12-18 months).
How long will the Power Saver last?
It has a predicated life span of (up to) 20 years.
What about OREVA Power Saver for Surge Protection?
The OREVA Power Saver also protects the entire home against power surges. The unit provides a broad range of protection for hardwired appliances and most home electronics such as televisions, satellite equipment, entertainment systems, etc. The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems, loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances, vacuum cleaners, heating and cooling equipment, etc.
Current 3 KW and 6KW models can't be used in Singe Phase power supply. Is it true?
Power Saver units of 3 KW and 6 KW which are suitable for singe phase connection can also be used for Three Phase Power Supply if the load in each phase is distributed separately. If is so, 3 Power Saver can be used in each phase or consumer can also opt for using only 1 Power Saver in a Phase in which maximum Inductive load is distributed.
Does company has any planning to introduce new models of Power Saver Units?
Company has launched 2 models 3 KW and 6 KW suitable for Single Phase supply. Two models 1.5 KW and 4.5 KW for Single Phase connection and 3 models 5 KW, 10 KW and 15 KW for Three Phase Power Supply are currently being developed and it's expected that the same shall be launched within 3-4 months' time.
In Dx models of OREVA Power Savers, one Bypass Switch is given. What's the function of it or when to use this switch?
1) At extreme Low Voltage (when your tube light doesn't glow). Since Power Saver Unit has Auto-Step Down Transformer, it can reduce High Voltage, but cannot improve Low Voltage. So, whenever you feel the effect of Low Voltage in your appliances, make the bypass switch to ON position so that voltage will not drop further. It is to be noted that when you are turning bypass switch to ON position, only the transformer will stop functioning (voltage will not drop), other functions such as power factor improvement and harmonic filtration will still work as capacitors and other components will also work when by-pass switch is in ON position.
2) When you are supposed to give high load than the rated capacity of power saver model e.g. more than 3 KW load when you are using 3 KW unit and more than 6 KW load when you are using 6 KW unit. At that time, you should turn the By-pass switch to ON position to allow the current to bypass the transformer to avoid any damage in the transformer of Power Saver Unit.
Is the OREVA Power Saver easy to Install? Where and How is it to be installed?
We recommend installation by a qualified electrician. However, one can easily install the OREVA Power Saver Unit by its own with the help of following Installation Diagram and Installation Method. The same has also been given on Packing Box as well as in Manual of Power Saver Unit.
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