About AEPL

About Ajanta Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Ajanta Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AEPL) a private limited company belonging to a well known business group ` Ajanta (Oreva) Group Companies’, is a Hydroelectric Power Generating Company engaged in development & implementation of Hydroelectric Projects in Gujarat State. The company executes entire aspects of such projects from the concept to commissioning.

The Company have Proposed Small Hydroelectric Project (SHP) of 12 MW ( 3 x 4 MW) at Village: Dolatpura, Taluka : Kadana, Dist. : Mahisagar, State : Gujarat.

AEPL belongs to a part of the Ajanta (Oreva) Group of companies, Morbi, Gujarat, with present sponsor co. as Ajanta Manufacturing Limited (AML). AML is engaged in production of Ceramic Vitrified Tile, LED, Electrical/Electronic Articles, Home Appliance in addition telephone, Quarts Clock/ Calculation, E-bike, etc.

The AML hold 28% stake in Ajanta Energy Private Limited Mr. Jaysukhbhai Bhalodia is the key person of the Group.
Oreva Energy Private Limited, another group co. operates two hydro power projects, of cumulative capacity of 4 MW in Gujarat. Both the projects are fully operative & Profit making.

1. Shri Jaysukhbhai Bhalodia (Managing Director):
He has around 25 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of clocks, 10 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of vitrified tiles, and 6 years of experience in hydel power generation through group entity.

1. Shri Chintan Bhalodia (Director):
He has around 6 years of experience in hydel power generation, manufacturing and marketing of clocks, electrical items, home appliances, and vitrified tiles through group entities.

The proposed small hydro project lies at Dolatpura weir, kadana dam across river Mahi, Mahisagar district, Gujarat. The weir constructed across river mahi, during the year 1989-90 near to the village Dolatpura. Dolatpura weir is a just water storage structure located at downstream of Kadana dam.

The river Mahi is one of the major rivers in the state of Gujarat and runs about 175 km in Madhya Pradesh and about 180 km in Rajasthan & enters Gujarat, runs for about 240 km and after that joins Gulf of Cambay. The Dolatpura weir is a part of Kadana hydro power scheme, constructed to store the water, used for power generation from the Kadana pumped storage hydro power scheme 4 x 60 MW capacity. The releases from the Kadana dam are then utilised for power generation.